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Chapter One

Coraline jumped off the school bus into a huge mud puddle, splattering her boots, raincoat, and Wybie Lovat with mud. Wybie scowled at her. Coraline laughed and splashed more mud at him. Which earned her a splashing of mud which stained her dress pants. Then she ran after Wybie screaming "JERKWAD!" and various other insults. "Wimp!" Coraline thought as Wybie ran screaming back to his house. Coraline jumped up the front stairs of her house and flung open the door. Her mother, Mel Jones, was waiting for her inside, tapping her foot with an angry expression on her tired face. "What's with YOU?" Coraline asked. "I got another call from Ms. Pinchneul," Mel said. "What do you mean?" Coraline asked a little too innocently. "You know what I'm talking about, Missy," Mel said. "You have to stop putting frogs in Prunella Carmala's locker!" Mel exclaimed. "I would never do such a thing!" Coraline laughed. Mel have her the evil eye. "Okay, okay! She's just such a stuck up know it all! I couldn't help it!" Coraline shrieked. "Coraline, Trenton is a good school, you can't keep doing things like that, you'll get kicked out!" Mel said. "Maybe that's not such a bad thing," Coraline muttered. "And look at your pants! You'll have to wear your skirt tomorrow, your other pants are at the dry cleaners," Mel scolded. "Sorry, WYBIE got carried away," Coraline said. "Upstairs. We'll talk about this later," Mel said, firmly. Coraline moaned and trudged upstairs to her room.

"Mom's lying!" Coraline protested at the dinner table. "I did NOT put a frog in Prunella's locker!....It was a toad." Mel gave Coraline a look. "Why did you put a toad in Prunella's locker, Coraline?" Her father, Charlie, asked. "Because! She's such a stuck up, know it all, snobby, perfect little rich girl with her stupid curly blonde pigtails!" Coraline cried. "And, she's always making fun of my hair and saying that me and Wybie are in love," She added, gagging at the thought of being in love with Wybie-"The Village Stalker." "Still, that's no reason to go and put a toad in her locker," Mel said. "There are other ways to deal with this," Charlie added. "But you don't get it!" Coraline screamed. "Her uncle is the principle of the school! He always sides with her! Can't you guys just side with me for once?!?!" Coraline knew she shouldn't be complaining. At least she had parents. At least she had escaped from the Beldam. But she stormed off in a fury, anyways.

"Ahh...Coraline. If you had stayed here with me, you could have whatever you want. I would always side with you," The Beldam said to herself. Then she chuckled evily at her lie. The same lie she had told to the other children she had captured. She still remembered their cries of terror and pain as she shoved their thrashing, bloody bodies into the mirror. The way they scrambled away from her each day she came into the mirror to suck some of their life out of them, until, finally they got too weak and didn't fight anymore. Sometimes she would even mess with them, trick them that it was their real mother, come back to rescue them. Then she would molt into her real self and drain them again! "Ahh...what fun!" The Beldam thought. But that spoiled brat had set them free! At least there wasn't anymore life left in them. But it had been so long since she'd eaten. She was fading away. Which was shy she was weaving her web again. But this time it wasn't for Coraline....
First chapter of my Coraline Fanfic called "Coraline Two-The Beldam Returns." May be kind of boring at first, but it'll get more exciting as I post more chapters.
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i really like this. i wish u could get in touch with the guys that created coraline and asked if they could make this into a movie ik i would watch it
LivyLemon Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww thank you! <3 that's really sweet! :hug:
The-MAD-Overlord Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll read this!
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